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Cherry Tree House Health and Fitness offers chiropractic and personal training. It is owned and run by a husband and wife team, Sophia and Stuart.

Stuart and Sophia found that by working together they could offer their clients a much wider range of services in an efficient and cost-effective manner for their healthcare. They aim to focus on improving your functional health to help you to take control of your health and to find a fitter future!

Chiropractors are specialists in diagnosing, treating and preventing a wide range of musculoskeletal (joints, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments) disorders. Personal Trainers use the musculoskeletal system to help build strength and fitness. 
We have found that this makes us an ideal team to work together to help you. 


Cherry Tree House Health and Fitness

Sophia and Stuart can provide sessions within our private treatment or training area in Bournemouth but we can also offer mobile services in parts of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

In the private treatment/ training area in Bournemouth we have commercial gym equipment available for 1-1 or 2-1 supervised use. This is ideal for training sessions with Stuart as it is great for super setting as there are no queues or waiting around to use equipment which you may have to do in a large gym. It also allows Sophia to demonstrate the correct techniques required during active care rehabilitation. 

Sophia Bramwell- Kenchington is a state registered Chiropractor with the General Chiropractic Council and a member of the British Chiropractic Association and the Royal College of Chiropractors
Stuart Mark (SK's Fitness) graduated from Premier Training with a Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training and Diploma in Exercise Referrals. Stuart is an MMA Kickboxing Fitness Instructor and is registered with REPs.

Cherry Tree House Health and Fitness strive to deliver high quality personalised services for their clients to deliver long term health benefits. We aim to keep open and clear communication.

Reception is covered daily for advice, enquiries and appointments.  Early morning and evening appointments are available. 

Cherry Tree House Health and Fitness aim to offer:

  • Same day appointments

  • Evening appointments 

  • Free, no obligation chats

  • Specialist diagnosis

  • Sessions tailored to you

  • Free parking

  • No contract or joining fees

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Private Training/ Treatment Room 

We can offer 1-1 and 2-1 Personal Training sessions within our private training area. We have commercial equipment available to use with no queues to use equipment and so less likely to loose 'the burn.' 

We section off the equipment to provide a safer area when Sophia provides chiropractic treatment for children . When needed she can use the equipment to demonstrate exercises to perform. 


Mobile Services

Cherry Tree House Health and Fitness also provide mobile services when needed. Our apparatus is light and easily movable so that we can be accommodating around our client's busy lifestyles. 
Stuart at SK's Fitness provides three fitness classes a week for the communities in Bournemouth, Downton and Breamore.

We have provided services in our client's houses, gardens, halls and even fields!

We have had opportunities to work alongside local horse riders including Anna Noble Equestrian to provide Posture & Fitness Analysis clinics with her and her clients. We were able to work closely with her riders working on position, balance, engaging core and identifying weaknesses when riding. Stuart provided specific exercises in these clinic sessions and fitness classes aimed at horse riders to develop their key muscles used when riding and also general rider fitness.

Stuart and Sophia cover areas in:
- Dorset
- Hampshire
- Wiltshire

Please feel free to contact us for details. 

Success From Working Together

Cherry Tree House Health and Fitness has worked with several up and coming athletes within the local area.

Henry Bramwell-Reeks was one of our first clients and he performed exceptionally well in the Bournemouth International Triathalon (750m Sea Swim, 20.2 km Bike, 5 km Ride).

Henry is only 17 years old but he managed to finish 1st in the Under 20s and also 1st overall out of the 148 people in the race. He completed the race in 1 hour 12 minutes.

Naturally, we are very proud of Henry Bramwell- Reeks especially as he is family.


Henry's regular chiropractic sessions with Sophia help to keep his body functioning at its best and Stuart has been working with Henry on his stamina, speed and agility.

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