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Will power comes from inside. Strength and results come from hard work!

SK's Fitness
Personal Training

Stuart Mark
Level 3 Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor
- Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referrals

- MMA Fitness Instructor
- Indoor cycling
- Circuit training

- Kettlebell Instructor

- Pad Work Instructor

Stuart Mark (SK’s Fitness) is a freelance Personal Trainer working in a private training area at Cherry Tree House Health and Fitness, Bournemouth. Stuart also providing mobile sessions and classes in Dorset, Southern Hampshire and Southern Wiltshire, UK. 

Stuart's personal training sessions are geared around you and your goals. Whether it is to lose weight, build strength, prepare for sports events, tone up or whatever your goal may be.
Stuart monitors his client's techniques to assure results are met and to prevent injuries. Overall he aims to make the sessions fun but maintains the focus on your goals.

Stuart's main sport is kick boxing and he enjoys functional training. He started kick boxing at 18 years old in a club in Wimborne, Dorset. He competed in kick boxing within the local area; however, he dislocated his shoulder and does not compete any more. However, he now has great fun teaching MMA fitness classes.


Stuart finds that kick boxing for fitness is a fun way for anyone to improve their fitness levels no matter what their past experience is or may be.


Stuart's Own Journey

At the age of 14, Stuart was overweight at 14 stone with little-to-no muscle, which was from a very non-active lifestyle which included spending time a lot of time playing computer games. Over the following three years he lost 5 stone by increasing his physical activity. However, by 17 years old Stuart became obsessed with exercising and he was training 3 hours every night. This lead to Stuart to be well underweight for his height at 8 stone.
Stuart has since then had an overhaul of his lifestyle including his diet and physical activity balance to maintain his weight at 11.5 stone which is ideal for his height.  

​Stuart understands how it feels to be be overweight and underweight and the battles that both sides have emotionally and physically.

Stuart has also dislocated both of his shoulders at different times in the past and so he understands what is involved in rehabilitation and the importance of working alongside healthcare professionals to regain strength and fitness. He is aware of the necessity to strengthen the weakened areas and build muscle at a sensible pace to reduce the chance of further injuries.


1-1 Personal Training Sessions

Stuart caters 1-1 training to his clients needs and their goals. Stuart initially carries out a consultation to find out the clients requirements and wishes. He also carries out a free health check which includes taking your blood pressure and measurements. From this information collected Stuart will design a bespoke program and will give you all the tools to help you to reach your target. 
Stuart aims to make the sessions as fun as possible whilst you are working hard and making the most of your workout.

2-1 Personal Training


2-1 sessions can be very popular for couples and friends. Training with a friend can make the sessions less daunting. Stuart has seen how natural competitiveness within us can help spur each other on. 


The MMA fitness part of the sessions can be thoroughly enjoyed by couples especially when couples have remembered that one sarcastic comment from the other and have found that by expressing their feelings allow for extra power when hitting the pads.

Sessions are always aimed at keeping fit and having fun at the same time

MMA and Total Body Fitness Classes

- Total Body Fitness -
Breamore Hall


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