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"I would like to thank Stuart for getting me to where I am today I honestly wouldn’t be here without your patience,support and guidance. Also a massive thanks to Sophia for helping to sort my back out whilst training. I’d recommend cherry tree house 110%. A massive thank you Stuart and Sophia."


Today I took my 5 week old to get checked out by Sophia the chiropractor. My little girl was relaxed most of the time and Sophia checked that she was all in line after her birth and did some cranial chiropractic. 
I visited Sophia when I was pregnant too in order to get my body ready for birth.
Would advise any pregnant mother and mother of a new born to visit.


Sophia and Stuart are both very professional in all aspects of their work. Sophia has worked on my Husbands shoulder and has done wonders on it. She is working on my leg and after years of suffering the first session she knew what's wrong. Stuart is doing some work with my Son too and is very professional with his approach to help him. Cannot recommend them enough


Stuart and Sophia are a great team and have motivated me to keep to my exercise routine to the point that I now look forward to exercising. If your like me, the first bit is the hardest and that’s when you need Stuart helping. I couldn’t recommend anything better. It is working for me!


Best PT around, friendly versatile professional. would highly recommend paying him a visit, listens to what you are trying to achieve and will work on areas that will help you best.


I had the fortune of being sent to Sophia through my GP after having lower back pain for over a year. After our first session I was really impressed that we pinpointed the exact area of pain as I hadn't been so sure due to it affecting most of my lower back. After 4 sessions with Sophia my back feels great compared to before as my muscles have loosened up and with some exsercises Sophia showed me I can keep them loose. I can finally enjoy all the normal things in life like carrying my kids. Very highly recommended couldn't thank her enough

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